Saturday, November 28, 2009


from Janet Udart - USA





Hi Janet!
I love your bubble envelope! Thank you very much for 'choosing' this lovely card.
I like very much the fishes cut-outs placed on relief, beautiful...!
Did you stamp them? Fab colours!
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Janet said...

Hi Patrizia! Glad it made it to you safely. I loved your bubbles theme. So much fun!

Yes, the fish are stamped, and so art the little gold bubbles on the background, which is wrapping paper.

Now I must go check out some of your other calls for art. See you in the mail!

TICTAC said...

Thank you Janet!I love the glassy texture and colours of the fishes, it might not be appreciate fully on the scan but they are very beautiful.
Hey see you in IUOMA I didn't know you were there!