Thursday, February 11, 2010


from Heleen De Vaan - Netherlands


click on image for details:

Hi Heleen
I see..I see that you are having a great time sending bubbles :-)
and I am having it too...receiving them!!
Curly Caetano sings in bubble tune like no other!
Thank you very much!



Heleen said...

Hi Patrizia,

You're welcome! And, thank YOU very much for this website and your kind comments!

You are right, Bubbles is a great theme which invites & inspires to keeping on bubbling :o)
...Almost a pity that the deadline is arriving soon...

One thing I'm wondering: where would the stamps have been going to? (originally there were three, see )

TICTAC said...

Oh noo...Those stamps were beautiful!!I did not realised that there were more stamps, but I did noticed that the dentist stamps(by the way I love it!) was half destached so I put a little glue to keep it in place. The stamps' glue probably did not work well on that type of surface. What a pity!!

Heleen said...

Fortunately the postcard arrived, despite of the missing stamps.

I must have other copies of these two stamps somewhere at home, I'll send them to you next time!
(by the way, these are 'gulden'-stamps, from before the introduction of the euro, but still usable - if the surface is good enough to stick to :o) )

TICTAC said...

So nice of you Heleen...thank you!! I would love to have them. I like to collect stamps, without following specific rules...just the ones that call my attention...
I'll be sending you some mailart soon, would you be interested if I include also some interesting german stamps in exchange for these ones?